Burj Khalifa

The biggest building in Dubai and the highest skyscraper in the world, that resembles stalagmite by its shape, it has overtaken its main competitor in 300 m – the giant in the city of Taipei. And now it is Burj Khalifa (or Burj Dubai) that is the highest skyscraper in Dubai and is considered its main site of interest. It stands 828 m high, number of floors is 163. The building includes 9 hotels and a system of fountains as in Los Angeles. The total price for the building is $4, 1 billion. The author of the project is an American design architect, Adrian Smith, who also took part in projecting the Jin Mao skyscraper in China (420 m). Burj Khalifa is central element of the composition of a new business center in Dubai. 37 first floors are occupied by a hotel, 700 luxurious apartments are located on the floors from 45 to 108. The majority of the platforms are offices. On the 123 and 124 you can find a hall and the observation platform. The tower that goes higher the main building is equipped with telecommunications sets. The photo of Burj Khalifa clearly demonstrates how big the skyscraper is. It is thanks to Burj Khalifa that Dubai has obtained a real futuristic image. By the way, the famous musical fountain in Dubai, which spurts its jets to a height of 150 meters is located just before the Burj Khalifa.

Specifically for Burj Dubai a special kind of concrete was developed, that withstands temperatures of up to +50 °C. The concrete is embedded only at night time and ice is added to the solution. The building has 65 two-storey lifts the price of which is $36 million. However, only the service elevator goes from the first to the last floor. The dwellers and visitors of the skyscraper have to move between the floors making switches. The elevators commissioned in the skyscraper are the highest speed elevators in the world, which are able to reach speeds of up to 18 m/s.

The fire safety system permits evacuate all habitants of Burj Khalifa no longer than in 32 minutes. The tower itself will supply power with the help of 61 meter turbine, that rotates with the wind and also by the massive solar panels partially located on the roof of the tower, covering the area of 15 thousand m2. The building is equipped with a special security against the sun and the reflecting glass panels that decreases the heating level, which will consequently, lessen the usage of air conditioning. The conditioning utilizes a special conventional system in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper that runs the air from bottom to top throughout the whole tower and for the cooling system a seawater and underground cooling modules will be used. It is stated that the temperature inside the building is expected to be about +18 °C.

Sightseeings of Burj Khalifa

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