Elephants Rescue

In Thailand began the season of heavy rains. The greatest difficulty experienced tourists who were vacationing in the main resort town of the Kingdom - Phuket. Sixteen people who went for a walk through the jungle, trapped. Actually, whether they're walking, there's nothing special, most likely, would not experience, but young elephants came in wild terror, when he saw a bubbling brook that they should go.
The incident happened in the North of the island, namely a few kilometers from the most famous beach of Phuket - Khao Lak. To stay there was impossible, so the locals decided to come to their aid, armed with a more experienced elephants who are familiar with the many natural disasters and not afraid of them.
Rescuers took tourists out of the jungle, but with all animals. The drovers had to stay the night with young elephants to wait for the moment when the main stream of water runs out an
Still, travelers should be very careful when going on trips, because the rains never stopped. In addition, local authorities are advised to avoid taking sea baths to avoid unnecessary problems.

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