Brooklyn, United States

One gets the impression that the majority of families have a grandmother, great-uncle or some other distant relative who lived in Brooklyn, or perhaps a friend who lives there today. At the beginning of 1900. this city was a mecca for immigrants arriving via Ellis Island. One hundred years later, the young people of the liberal professions and artists have replaced expensive furnished rooms in Manhattan for a cheap and extensive facilities in Brooklyn. These nearby areas like Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope, which decayed over the years, were restored and given a new life as a specific enclaves. Take a walk or ride a bike around the historic Brooklyn Bridge (or use the subway) to get to Brooklyn Heights, where you can take a walk on the Promenade and breathtaking to see the silhouette of Manhattan. Fold in Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to enjoy the natural environment in the urban jungle. Go to represent the world-famous Brooklyn Academy of Music. Delicious Italian restaurants of Bensonhurst, Irish bars in the streets of Bay Ridge, hot dogs and a roller coaster of Coney Island, bagels and handball playground in Greenpoint - all this makes Brooklyn is not just an interesting area, but also a state of mind. Those who once discovered Brooklyn, he will always remain in my heart.