Des Moines, United States

City, capital of Iowa, at the junction of the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers. Established as a militarypost in 1843, it was settled by homesteaders in 1845 and incorporated as Fort Des Moines in 1851. Charteredas Des Moines in 1857, it became the capital of Iowa that same year. The city suffered a severe floodin 1954. It is in the center of the Corn Belt.

Today, the capital and cultural center of Iowa is filled with new life. Des Moines - "versatile" city where everyone can find something for your taste. Lovers of culture and art will be able to stroll through the Demoynskomu Arts Center, spend the weekend wandering through museums, or see in the city cinema and concert complex staging, its scope is not conceding Broadway. There are lots of great golf courses, where happy to spend time golfers. Zoo Blank Park and Park Iowa State Fairgrounds should definitely make the list of the places to visit with your family. And nature lovers to fully enjoy the fantastic blooms at the Botanical Garden in the center and "Better Homes and Gardens". You can also try a little of everything of what can offer this "big city with a small town heart".