Donetsk, Ukraine

Donetsk, oddly enough, was founded by Welshman John Hughes (in honor of his city for some time called Yuzivka), decided to undertake the development of rich coal deposits in the region. Mining has always been a source of prosperity of the city; on the waterfront defeated Sheffield Square, named in honor of Sheffield, UK sister city of Donetsk. There are a lot of bright and memorable works of urban art: the park with unusual wrought iron pieces, made by hand, or Pushkin Boulevard with interesting sculptures on various topics, on whose territory local artists organize exhibitions of their daily work. If you have a car, and free time, take a trip to Khomutovskaya steppe nature reserve, located a couple of hours drive from the city. Here you can look into the past of the region and admire the monuments once existed here civilizations.

Places of interest in Donetsk