Houston, United States

This sprawling city full of energy and independent spirit, who was once a marshy terrain, today became the fourth largest city in the United States. This boldness is evident even in the architecture: here you will see the high-rise buildings, such as the medical center towers that resemble two giant syringes. The city is a thriving business center, it is home to a large number of different ethnic groups and the focus of the arts. You can enjoy opera, ballet, symphony orchestra, go to the theater, as well as numerous museums. Shelter from the midday heat you can in shopping malls and inside the numerous attractions, especially to help you in this underground pedestrian city more than 10 kilometers. Since this is where the first step was carried Broadcast man on the moon, you probably want to visit the Space Center, where you can make a spacewalk due to technical simulations and films. Upon returning to Earth, you can ride the tram to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center / Center for NASA, to observe the work and training of astronauts and engineers.