Kolobrzeg, Poland

City on the Gulf of Pomerania, 25 mi W of Koszalin. A Slavic fortification in the eighth century, it became a Polish town in the 10th century and was chartered in 1255. It was a Hanseatic League member, prospering in the salt trade. Seized by Brand enburg in 1648, it was besieged three times in the Seven Years’ War before the Russians took it in 1761. After virtual obliteration in World War II, it is now almost completely rebuilt.

On the southern coast of the Baltic Sea lies the town of Kolobrzeg, surprisingly combines the beach atmosphere and the charm of medieval architecture. The city, founded in the Middle Ages survived the Thirty Years' War and the invasion of Napoleon, but was devastated during the Second World War. Nowadays it is a seaside resort and spa, is also popular among the adventurous outdoor activities, especially through the bike tour on the European route of brick Gothic. Go to the lighthouse towering above the river Parseta, take a walk along the dike or visit one of the many fitness centers.