Placencia, Belize

Placencia, recently a sleepy fishing village, has become increasingly popular ecological resort of the Caribbean. For those who love outdoor activities, there is a lot of interesting things in the area of ​​Stann Creek, where you can go on the mountain rainforest, kayaking, fishing in the deep sea, diving and exploring Mayan ruins. The peninsula is 16 miles calm beaches: Lagoon on the west, the Caribbean Sea to the east and a lot of quiet and peaceful places in between. Relax in a deck chair under the coconut tree can be the best moment of the day! Guides and diving centers offer a variety of tours, including always in the lead boat trips on the outer reefs. In addition, the popular guided tours to the Mayan ruins and jungle trekking in the Cockscomb Wildlife Baisin where the world's first jaguar preserve. In general, the area is rich in flora and fauna, stunning orchids and bromeliads, limestone hills and tropical forests with monkeys, tapirs and wild cats, followed closely watching 217 species of birds.