Santa Monica, United States

Santa Monica sparkle of hundreds of eye-catching signs of shops and restaurants, from more than 5 km of white sandy beach and many celebrities, whose number reaches a high concentration in the vicinity of the local airport and on Montana Avenue. Santa Monica is not once mentioned in popular songs, movies and TV shows (eg, here starring "Baywatch") due to its unusual atmosphere. Haute couture, given Hollywood perfectly coexists here with clothes for everyday surfers and hippies style. Listen to our advice: throw the car and go everywhere on foot. The small town of Santa Monica is proud that most of its streets - walking and do not harm the environment. You do not need a car on a pedestrian street 3rd Street Promeneyd, which is a paradise for tourists, because it is here that you'll meet living statues, numerous cinemas and restaurants. Or park in the famous historic Santa Monica Pier, where the spicy smells waft fast and where there is a solar-powered nine-Ferris wheel that has long been a symbol of the city. If you are tired of walking, the Tide Shuttle, running on electric bus will take you along the beach where you can enjoy beautiful views and look at the kind of show on the station Bergamot, and visit the Museum of Art and see the other sights of Santa Monica on that this city is very generous.