Shanghai, China

Shanghai's population in 2014 was 24 million. It is a global finance center, transport hub and container port.

Traveling to Shanghai has both things you will love and things you will hate. If you are looking for Old China there is not a lot of it in Shanghai to see, compared to other areas of mainland China. There is the feeling that Shanghai is less safe with the amount of pickpockets. It also has earned a reputation as a dirty city with excessive air pollution and spitting on the ground.

But to focus on these parts of Shanghai is to miss the beautiful city that it is, especially when you see it at night, on a boat tour. When you visit the Old French Concession where you can get good Western food, It is an international city where you can find English speaking waiters and great Dim Sum.

You can go on great day trips outside of Shanghai, which the concierge in your hotel can arrange. There are tea houses to visit, one of the most famous is the Mid Lake Pavilion Teahouse near the Yuyuan Gardens. You can walk through the Jewish Ghetto and the Jewish Refugees Museum.

The choice is yours in Shanghai, but going there you should be cognizant that it is a tropical climate, which translates into eighty degree weather at six am.